Mount Cook Lodge

Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre

A tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary, humanitarian, ambassador and one of the world's greatest explorers, the centre showcases the Aoraki Mount Cook region, its people and its place in the universe.

The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre's 126-seat custom-designed theatre is the world's only theatre with 2D, 3D and world-class definiti® Digital Dome Planetarium, contained within the same space. Cutting edge technology allows the 2D screen to raise up for storage while the 3D screen is in use and the Digital Dome Planetarium to lower into place when required.

In the foyer of the theatre you'll find our museum showcasing the history of the Mount Cook region through transport, climbing, The Hermitage Hotel and pioneer extraordinaire, Sir Edmund Hillary himself.

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Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre

Preview the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, including the Cafe, Museum and Theatre

Open daily from 7.30am to 8.30pm (summer) and 8.00am to 7.00pm (winter)

(seasonal hours may vary)


Adult Child 4-14 yrs
$20 $10

Price includes unlimited entry per person for the duration of your stay in Mount Cook to the museum and all theatre shows including all Planetarium Features and all Documentaries in 2D.

Screening times may vary without notice. Please check at the Activities desk for the most up to date timetable. Prices subject to change without notice

Mount Cook Magic in 3D

Mount Cook Magic is an inspiring 3D cinematic experience unlike any other. Filmed at Mount Cook for the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre, this is the next best thing to climbing Mount Cook, flying across the Southern Alps or skiing the Tasman Glacier - in fact, you'll think you're actually doing it all.

Mount Cook Magic begins with the Ngai Tahu Maori legend of the creation of New Zealand, the Southern Alps and mighty Aoraki Mount Cook...

...Then soar with the Keas, high above the mountains and glaciers and accompany a climbing expedition to New Zealand's highest summits...

...Ski the Tasman Glacier, explore crevasse fields, climb a frozen waterfall and feel the exhilaration of being part of nature shaping this dynamic environment.

Digital Dome Planetarium

Where science meets entertainment for an unrivalled 360 degree cinematic experience in New Zealand's first full dome, digital Planetarium. See the night sky like never before. Leave Earth, fly to the edge of our galaxy and far beyond to the reaches of our known universe.

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Infinity Express

Where did it all begin? Is there life outside our own solar system? From the discoveries of early astronomers to today's inventions and man's ambition to explore beyond the Earth's atmosphere, you'll be amazed by dramatic scientific breakthroughs in the quest to understand our universe.

Black Holes

'Black Holes' brings to life all that is fascinating and extreme in the world of black holes. Witness what would happen if you got too close to one and see how a black hole is able to warp time and space.

Tycho to the Moon

Kids love Tycho! The dog that doesn't just howl at the moon - he goes there! Learn about night and day, space travel, phases of the Moon and features of the lunar surface. Includes the much-loved singalong song "Don't Touch!"

Documentaries in 2D

Hillary on Everest

See the candid documentary on the life of the great mountain climber and explorer, Sir Edmund Hillary at the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre. Not available on DVD, the documentary was produced by Sir Edmund Hillary and his good friend, fellow Kiwi Tom Scott.

Mountain Rescuers

Follow the team as they brave the elements to answer life-threatening emergency calls from unsuspecting climbers stranded on the mountain, engulfed in the extreme conditions. Howling winds and deep powdery snow blankets an unstable ice base riddled with massive crevasses: it's too dangerous for the helicopter to land but the search and rescue (SAR) team leaps from the chopper, risking their lives to save another.